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About la casa de pooch

La Casa De Pooch has been a long-awaited dream for owner’s James & Kirri.

James having worked in the industry in other salons, James has taken his knowledge, beliefs and expertise to make La Casa De Pooch “Brisbane’s Best Grooming Salon”.
With over 10 years of experience showing, breeding poodles and travelling the world leaning the art of grooming James prides the salon on its high end service.

James is a mutli award winning master dog groomer and highly decorated groomer hosting grooming seminars across the word and in Australia. A 3rd generation poodle breeder & dog groomer, James is a renowned poodle person across the world and is highly regarded among the top Poodle people in the world and he is also known as one of Australia’s top groomers. James and his Partner Kirri are both very successful breeders and dog show exhibitors with their Poodles & Siberian Huskies.

James specialises in all hand scissoring, Poodle grooming and desheds. He prides the salon on its attention to detail and only using the best products and care at La Casa De Pooch. The team is hand picked and trained by James to ensure his attention to detail, high quality service and care of your fur babies is provided to all La Casa De Pooch clients.

Kirri is extremely passionate about animals, opening La Casa De Pooch with James was something so special and exciting to be able to showcase the love and passion for dogs. Kirri is renowned as the Queen of Dogs, specializing in double coated breeds. 

A world renowned breeder of Siberian Huskies, Kirri showed and trained the world’s biggest winning Siberian Husky in history. Lyric was a winner of 50 Best in show wins across Australia, winning at some of Australia’s most prestigious dog shows being Syndey Royal, Brisbane Royal and many more.

The Team

Owner & Grooming Teacher

James Bennett

I enjoy seeing all the clients and their dogs. I love getting to know my clients and giving them an experience that most salons don’t offer.

Siberian Huskies, Poodles, Afghans & Portuguese Water Dogs.

I was born into the dog industry being a 3rd gen groomer. But i avoided becoming a groomer till i was 20 years old. I did an apprenticeship and am a qualified Fitter & Turner now.

I love Body Building and have competed in a body building show. I am just an everyday normal guy lol.

Senior Stylist

Chika Hamada

I love seeing all the dogs and making them all look beautiful.

I always loved animals and having a home full of dogs  in Japan i was just naturally drawn to working with animals.

When I am not working I spend my time doing graphic design work.

Junior Groomer

Leah Greech

Getting to beautify furry clients day in day out and improve their quality of life!

If I had to choose one, Poodle 🐩

I really wanted to learn a creative skill, as well as start a career that would be both enjoyable and rewarding 😊

 I lived in a campervan for 2 months while driving across the north of Australia from Perth to Brisbane.


Brianna West

Getting to meet all the new puppies and watch them all grow up.

Growing up around the world of dog shows I have always loved dogs.

I grew up going to Dog Shows with James and Kerri, and i have some viral videos on TikTok

Groomer’s Assistant

Bronwyn Standley

my work colleagues, the animals and working with inspiring people.

I have owned and shown Maltese for nearly 30 years. I love to groom and spend special time with my Maltese

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