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Style Groom

A perfect choice for a fancy style groom for your pooch. This is our speciality and what we pride ourselves in all things beautiful and fancy.

Basic Full Groom

This service is best suited if your wanting something a bit easier to maintain and less brushing between grooms. With a shorter body and legs with a cute teddy face.

Bath & Tidy

Perfect treatment when your only need a bath, dry, nails and tidy up around the face and feet.

Spa Bath & Deshed

This is the ultimate and perfect grooming treatment for your double coated pooch. We are the specialists at de-sheds.

Bath & Beauty

Bath & beauty is a warm bath and dry service to freshen up your pooch.

Additional Services

(Our Prices are set on 2-8 week Clients)

*Please note prices are determined on an individual basis. behaviour, coat condition, coat length and weight are taken into account.

Dog Size Guide

Small – 7kg + Under
Medium -8kg – 15kg
Large – 16kg – 23kg
X – Large – 24kg + over 

Strip Out / Deshedding

$20 per 15 mins

Detangling / Dematting

$18 per 15 mins

*Strip out and Deshedding services are added on to all double-coated, combination coated and heavy coated breeds. 

Pawdicure ( Nail trim & Nail File)

Small / Medium Dogs $25

Large Dogs $30

Daycare - Half Day (Over 2 hours)

All Dogs $35

Flea Wash

All Dogs $20

Strip Out / Deshedding

$20 per 15 mins

Nail Trim

Small / Medium dogs $15

Large dogs $20

Nail Painting

All Dogs $25

*Some colours are POA

Squeeze Please

This is our anal gland service $15

Poodle Face

All Dogs $10

Poodle Feet

All Dogs $15

Poodle Face, Feet & Tail

All Dogs $25

Ear Clean

All Dogs $10


What Our Client Say

The best. Our first experience sending our dog to the groomer today. Completely put us at ease and looked after our Springer Spaniel. She is now more beautiful than ever.
Eddie Springer
Friendly and welcoming staff. Helped me out last minute with a nail clip. Very professional salon. Dogs all looked happy and relaxed. Nice and cool in the airconditioning. Will definately book in again. Thank you!
Andrea Wilkinson
James did a wonderful job with our very fluffy cat. I’d been told by a different groomer that he would be too fussy to do a lion clip. James was able to give him a complete clip and was professional and reliable. We will be back!
Stephanie Goulding
My border collie is always so dirty and knotty as he's an outdoor dog. They made him beautiful and so soft and silky 🙂 I also loved the bowtie they put on him and the wonderful photo they took.
Elysha Smith
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