• Cancellation/No-Show policy – Although we strive to confirm our client’s appointments 72 hours in advance, it is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to remember their appointment. We require a full 48 hours’ notice when cancelling an appointment. After 1 occurrence of cancelling with insufficient notice or no-showing to appointments a mandatory payment of 50% of your pets scheduled service and is due and will be required to be paid before scheduling their next appointment. First time clients or repeat no-show/cancellation clients will be required to pay the full appointment balance before booking a future appointment if an appointment is missed. A 100% no-show fee will be charged if no notice is given. This will need to be paid before booking any further appointments with us.

  • Late Policy – Please notify us if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for your appointment. Anything more than 15 minutes without notice will be considered a no show and the no show policy will be enacted or alternatively a late fee of $30 will be added to your pet’s appointment.

  • Day care  – Due to our limited space, once we message you, we do require you to collect your dog within 45 minutes of the message. Anything more than this will be considered Day Care and a $35 charge will be applied to your dogs groom.

  • Matting Fee – If a pet’s coat becomes heavily matted or pelted and your pet requires de-matting or shaving, a fee of $18/15 minutes will be applied to your groom with a $18 minimum. De-matting or shaving a matted pet is a very delicate process and must be done slowly and carefully to ensure your pets skin is not injured during the process. Sometimes if a pet is severely matted, it may experience skin irritation or bruising after the groom. Shaving off heavy matts can also expose any pre-existing skin conditions
  • Additional Handling – If your pet experiences difficulties or displays significant signs of aggression during the grooming process that requires extra time or another groomers assistance to complete the groom safely, a special handling fee will be added to your pet’s groom. Fees range from $15-$30 and will be charged at the groomer’s discretion. There are some instances the groomer may determine our salon is not a good fit for a particular pet. The pet may require a quieter salon, mobile grooming etc. In this case the pet will be released from our care and alternative solutions will be discussed

  • Cease of service – If a service cannot be completed on a pet for any reason, the client will still be charged for any completed services performed. Example: If a pet is overly stressed while being groomed and becomes a danger to its own safety, but the dog was washed, dried and had its nails done. The client will be charged for a Bath and Beauty but not a full groom

  • Photos and digital media – Photos and videos may be taken of your dog while it is being serviced with us. If you do not wish for your dog to be posted online or used in media advertising, please alert us at the time so we can be sure to keep your pet out of any posts.

  • Re-book – To minimalize the risk of your pet stressing during their appointment or becoming matted in between appointments, we do not book further than 8 weeks or 60 days between appointments. Anything more than this will incur a 20% surcharge of the full appointment
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