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Natural All Purpose Spray Shampoo with Henna


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Need a quick convenient dog shampoo that’s easy to use?  Plush Puppy have developed a range of Ready-to-use spray on shampoos WITHOUT compromising concentration or Plush Puppy’s world-wide recognised quality!

The easiest ready-to-use spray-on shampoos ever! 🏆 🐩

🔸 NOT DILUTED but Scientifically formulated with a lower viscosity to easily spray

🔸 Lathers to a rich shampoo just like a traditional shampoo

🔸 Direct spray EXACTLY where you want, especially underneath your dog

🔸 Will last longer than any other shampoo – only use what you spray, so less waste


Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose Shampoo with Henna is an easy to use innovative Ready to Use Spray-on Shampoo.

Our unique formulation enables it to be sprayed without compromising concentration and richness of ingredients.

Infused with Henna extract, Alpine and Lichen, this shampoo has a minimum effect on coat texture. Natural Henna extracts from the henna stalk impart gloss and shine. 

Natural All Purpose Shampoo gently cleanses the coat but will not effect the texture of the coat. A great all rounder!

Suitable for all breeds and highly effective on short coated breeds that don’t want a softened coat e.g. Weimeraners, Bulldogs and Rottweillers.

Enhances shine in the coat and is suitable for breeds wanting to retain coat texture e.g. Akitas, Siberians, Shelties etc. The perfect shampoo for shine and freshness.

Great to use on normal to slightly dehydrated coats. A great all round shampoo for all breeds!

Suitable: Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose Shampoo with Henna is ideal for all colours and coat types to increase shine and gloss. This shampoo has a minimum effect on coat texture. Will leave the coat hydrated with a glossy shine.

Directions: To use Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose Shampoo, wet coat thoroughly, lightly spray on coat, massage until it lathers, then rinse thoroughly. 

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