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Lock in that sculpted look with STUK UP! Plush Puppy Stuk Up is a non-aerosol ‘Cement Strength’ styling and coat finishing hold spray.

It offers extreme hold when sculpting and fixing your dog’s coat into show-ready shape.

Use on wet or dry coats for extra root lift, or for creative styling, this dog coat finishing spray has a super-strong hold and so much more!

Scientifically formulated to be gentle on coats plus, it’s also totally water-soluble.

Great to use when traditional aerosol hair spray is just not possible or desired.

Suitable: Any breed needing a strong hold or finishing on sculptured coat.

Directions: Spray a light even mist approx. 30cm from the coat, allow to dry for a couple of seconds then repeat.  Continue until the desired finish is achieved.

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